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Welcome to my world of beauty. I started creating as soon as I could. My parents say I was born with a pencil in my hand as I was three years old since I drew recognizable subjects. Whether they were butterflies, princesses in their sparkly princess gowns or even clocks, I had such a strong craving to capture these beautiful images in my head on paper. That's when my love for pencil coloring started and I pursued my childhood dream throughout the years.

My interest in Indian and other (middle)eastern music and art started early on. I started my Indian classical singing training of ten years at the age of seven. It was also a little before that time that I started drawing the Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Everything about them fascinated me and their beauty is still a fountain of inspiration to me.

I am a self taught pencil artist, still using the same techniques as when I was three years old. All drawings are 100% hand made with coloring pencil on A3 size (with an occasional exception). It's a passion that allows me to escape into my own world of beauty. Every piece shows my wildest fantasy. I always draw from the heart, I never recreate or draw from a picture. Every piece starts as an improvisation from a vision I have in my mind. Sometimes I'm able to capture this exact vision, sometimes it turns out way different than I intended or thought it would be.

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Printed on high quality, sturdy paper with matte finish for low reflection. Size A3 (42 cm x 29.7 cm)

Note - the prints are slightly bigger due to a white rim to help you frame them easier!

Personalized portraits, if you are looking for that personal gift for yourself or a loved one. 

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